Overview Of The Brand

Creatively Wired is about fun, funky and unique designs that will set you apart from the crowd. It is about not taking life too seriously and about expressing your individuality and style no matter how discreetly or boldly you wish to do this. And all for an affordable price.

Creatively Wired Michelle Robinson

About The Maker


I am Michelle and I am the face behind Creatively Wired! I spent many years working in hospitality but, for many reasons, I decided I needed a change. In searching for a new career, my husband bought me a set of wire jewellery making tools and a book of techniques. I started playing and I fell in love with it! It reignited my creative streak that I always embraced as a child but lost somewhere along the way. Now, I can't imagine doing anything else. I have found my passion and my dream is to one day switch on The Great British Bake Off and see Prue Leith wearing one of my designs!

Michelle's Inspiration


The inspiration for my designs comes from things I see in everyday life. I often stop to take photos of random things because they have sparked an idea, whether it be a design or a colour scheme. I am very drawn to flowers, swirls and abstract shapes and anything that involves these is likely to provide inspiration for me. It could be a piece of art I've seen, or an ornament, candle holders, the list goes on. I even have photos of some Las Vegas casino carpets (they are amazing!).

The Workshop


My 'workshop' is my spare room. This picture was taken not long after I had started making jewellery and I keep meaning to take another, more up-to-date one but it has not been this tidy for a very long time! And my work tends to creep on to the dining table too now (much to my husband's annoyance!). We are on the look out for a 'proper' workshop for both me and my husband to work from so hopefully (one day!) I will be able to update this.

Creatively Wired Michelle Robinson
Creatively Wired Michelle Robinson
Creatively Wired Michelle Robinson

The Products


Since starting to make jewellery in 2017, I have experimented with many materials and techniques. Some have worked really well, others have not! In doing this, I have discovered that I love working with silver-plated wire and resin. Sometimes I use silicone molds to create uniform resin shapes. And other times I create shapes with the silver-plated wire. And using the silver-plated wire in my designs allows me to form whatever shapes take my fancy!

I love jewellery (obviously!) and how it can speak volumes about your personality. And I love how a piece of jewellery can transform an outfit. But I realised that I didn't need to limit myself to just making jewellery. As long as I'm creating, I'm happy!

In 2020, I began creating wall hangings, pin badges, magnets, keyrings and greetings cards too! So you can now get my distinctive style in a wide range of products!


The Making


I like to say my designs happen organically. Sometimes I start a design and it works out exactly as planned. Other times, the design changes through the making process as the piece 'speaks to me'. Each of my designs are individually handcrafted and although some might be the same or similar in design, no two will be exactly the same because of this.

I choose to use bought-in elements in my jewellery, purely because the time spent handcrafting them would mean that the cost of the final pieces would increase considerably. However, this only applies to the earring wires, necklace chains and clasps, and the bezels used in the resin pieces. Everything else is all me!

Creatively Wired Michelle Robinson
Creatively Wired Michelle Robinson
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